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Blondie Brownie began as a hobby for us (Nat and Kayleigh). Originally, the idea was to just bake a few brownies for family and friends; whilst having a laugh, maybe making a little extra spending money to fund our nights out. Little did we know what was about to come….

Five years later, three babies, two weddings and more melted chocolate than we know what to do with, we've gone from strength to strength and we couldn't be more proud. We've gone from baking in Kayleigh's kitchen to owning our own unit in Barnoldswick Lancashire where all your delicious treats are now made. We are incredibly passionate about all of our products and a proud to say that every single batch is individually weighed and mixed by hand! 


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One of our proudest moments so far would probably be The Great Yorkshire Show which led to a prime-time appearance on Channel 5 and selling out of our stall there! We were bloody knackered but it was definitely worth it. 

We started from nothing and now have over 28k followers on Instagram! Stick around and keep your eyes peeled because we have ALOT of exciting things coming up! 


Nat & Kayleigh

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